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Musking Lady Valery

In response to the desire for more bestiality stories… ^^

This one is a bit older; I’ve grown as a writer since then, but I still think it’s pretty good. And I love the scenario :-)

F/dogs, F/M, anal, public sex, punishment, enslavement.

Musking Lady Valery

Lady Valery shivered in the antechamber to the arena, the strong smell of musk stinging her nostrils. Waiting…waiting was the worst part.

She startled as, with a creak of ancient timber, the door to the arena opened, letting in the warm summer sunlight. The crowd’s roar, muted before by the walls of her little cell, broke in on her in full force. In the back of her head, there was a thrill of vanity. They were cheering for her, waiting for her, even, she thought with a blush, lusting for her – and despite the humiliation she was about to undergo, that was something to be proud of.

Muskings always drew huge crowds. What Valery thought of as the rabble – they loved nothing more than seeing a great lady brought low. And musking was the most humiliating punishment that could be conceived of for a lady of high stature. To be stripped naked, painted with musk, and thrown into the arena with a pack of dogs, to be taken under the light of day and the eyes of an audience? It was probably the most shameful thing Lady Valery could imagine.

Even so, she tentatively stepped out onto the warm sand of the arena floor. The crowd shouted even louder as she came into view – small and curvy, hair hanging loose around bright blue eyes. The arena was packed to the bursting point, and they were all here for her. Despite herself, she felt a little surge of exhibitionist pleasure. She smiled uncertainly, blinking in the light.

A low growl, vibrating under the noise of the raucous crowd, made her heart jump inside her. She looked out over the arena sands, over to the low grated doors that held the hounds back. She jumped as the heavy door slammed shut behind her, letting out a cry of surprise – then froze, stock-still, as a harsh mechanical sound heralded the unleashing of the dogs.

Lady Valery trembled as she looked back over her shoulder at the beasts stalking towards her. The arena hounds were big and broad, weighing at least 100 pounds each. They walked purposefully, slowly, sniffing the air, and she gasped as she saw their thick cocks begin to protrude from between their legs. She had seen dogs mating before, and if she had been honest with herself she would have admitted that it sent queer little thrills through her. Still, she had never really thought about being on her knees under one of the great creatures, feeling his dick sliding into her slick pussy, except in half-remembered dreams. Now that it was in her immediate future, all the feelings came rushing back into her. Oh, God…all those people could see her… She realized with a blush that she was involuntarily moistening.

A powerful, threatening growl vibrated through her, setting her entire body on edge and interrupting her private thoughts. Valery looked down into the unreadable brown eyes of a hound. Her own blue eyes widened as she looked over its muscular body. She reached out a shaking hand and brushed it over the animal’s golden-brown fur, drawing a pleased rumble, but that wasn’t what the canine wanted. It nuzzled into her crotch, pushing aside the flimsy shift she wore, lapping its big tongue at her soft thighs. Valery’s head rolled back, her mouth opening. The dog’s slick tongue worked its way up into her most secret places, tortuously pleasuring her.

“Ahhh!” A cry of pleasure escaped her pretty lips against her will, drawing shouts of approval from the crowd. Valery rested her hands on the beast’s enormous head, pulling him further into her. Electricity sparked through her body, making her hips roll against the intruding tongue. It slipped further into her as the dog tasted her arousal. Thoughts spiraled through Valery’s mind – this wasn’t at all how she’d imagined it! She’d seen herself calm and dignified, maybe even crying as she was ravaged mercilessly. Instead, she was wantonly moaning, a dog’s tongue sliding into her pussy, the crowd staring at her. Her nipples were stiff against the thin material of her shift.

A sharp ripping sound broke her from her reverie. Another hound had grabbed her shift in his great teeth, tearing it away from her round, lovely ass. Teeth scraped her naked skin as her only covering tore off entirely, leaving her naked to the crowd’s lustful eyes. Valery only barely registered the fresh humiliation as more dog tongues joined the first, lapping at her ass and thighs. She stumbled forward, almost losing her balance; one of the beasts had bumped her. The one that had torn her shift off scrambled to his hind legs, clumsily rushing at her, and sent her tumbling to her knees!

The remnants of her shift shielded Valery’s skin from the rough sand, but she was entirely preoccupied. The big dog lapped at her exposed womanhood, his tongue teasing her clit into a burst of pleasure. Whining low in her throat, Valery pushed her hips back at him, begging for more. Another dog had zeroed in on her plump breasts, running his tongue over her stiff nipples. Valery moaned, the tongues all over her body driving her crazy. She didn’t care who heard her.

Suddenly, she felt the tongue leave her cunt. There was a “Whoof!” and a sudden weight on her back. Claws scrabbled briefly over her shoulders, leaving pleasantly burning lines of pain, and Valery felt a fat, stiff cock probing at her. Her breath caught in her throat as the member sought her sex. She pulled in air in little gasps as the dog’s prick slid over her pussy and ass, suddenly slotting home in her dripping womanhood. Her breath left her in one scream of passion. That cock thrust into her forcefully, taking her whether she wanted it or not…although she knew, now, that at some secret level she had always wanted this.

The hound’s member was hard and hot, filling her up like it was meant to be there. He thrust madly, uncaringly into her, and she half-consciously bucked back. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her fingers curling into the sand, an orgasm building…when she felt a stiffening, then a splash of semen inside her. Pleasure suffused her body, tingling in her toes, sexual energy seeming to fill her entirely up. The dog that had been fucking her pulled out, semen dribbling from the top of his dick as he sprawled on the sand.

Valery just knelt there, unseeing, twitching under the now-quiet gaze of the crowd. She whined in the back of her throat, achingly horny, desperate for another dog to fill her up. Soon, a welcome pressure on her back brought her back to reality as another canine prick began to thrust into her. Almost sobbing with the pleasure of it, she bucked up against the dog, thrusting her ass back at him, letting him take her completely. She looked around wildly at the dogs around her – Oh God, she thought, there are at least a dozen of them! Quavering thrills spun through her at that thought. Their bobbing cocks surrounded her, filling her field of vision.

Not caring who saw her, she reached out and took one tenderly into her hand. “Ohhh…” she cooed, a dog cock pistoning in her pussy and another twitching, hard in her hand. She jacked it slowly, loving the feel of the smooth skin slick over hard flesh. Slowly, she reached her head out, pulling the dog closer, and blushing fiercely, slipped out her pink tongue and licked up the shaft. It tasted hot and salty. The cock thrusting inside of her was driving her crazy with lust, pushing her on, and she sucked the other dog’s prick into her hot little mouth. The dog she was blowing off began to thrust up at her, trying to fuck her mouth, and she moaned around his cock as he did. There were still tongues all over her, licking her breasts, her inner thighs… She was spiraling out of control, her whole body felt hot and electrified.

She couldn’t help herself, not that she would’ve wanted to. Her orgasm crashed through her like a tidal wave, washing away all rational thought. The cock in her pussy erupted into her as she spasmed around it, the one in her mouth soon following, covering her tongue with salty cum. A little scream of pleasure escaped her as she let the prick slide out of her mouth, two more dogs replacing the ones at her head and rear. Soon their members were sliding in and out of her, driving her even higher into a cloud of orgasmic energy. She lost count of the pricks that took her, thrusting through her twitching body as she welcomed them, orgasm after orgasm blowing through her like a strong wind. Any scrap of thought other than insane, pleasure-ridden gasps and screams was utterly gone. Cocks touched her everywhere, in her mouth, her hands, all over her body. It was a blur of wild canine and human lust, constantly pushing her on to more and more pleasure.

After what felt like hours, she lay, brokenly writhing on the floor of the arena, drenched in sweat and cum. Her toes curled with the aftershocks of her orgasms, and the crowd sat in stunned silence. More than a few, men and women both, were busy cleaning themselves up, faces red with embarrassment. Dimly, through the fog that filled her, Lady Valery heard a voice shouting, “What am I bid for this lovely specimen?” The meaning of that phrase chilled through her, but the electrifying sexuality of her experience still rode her. She could feel her hips grinding her pussy against her hand, little jolts of pleasure filling her still. The rest of the bidding was an incomprehensible blur.

Sand crunched as a man dropped into the arena. Lady Valery tried to focus on him, but the sun shone in her eyes and she could barely make out his outline. Strong hands gripped her under her arms as he raised her back up to her knees. She felt his cock pressing against her skin through his trousers, and she moaned wordlessly. Reaching down, he pulled himself free.

Valery leaned back against him, feeling his body against hers as his hands ran over her. His erect dick slid over her slick ass, lubricated by sweat and dog cum. Valery curved her body backwards and linked her arms around his neck as he spread her wide with his hands. Her slid his cock between her buttocks, feeling her hot flesh move against him. She hissed with lust and pressed her ass back against him, begging for him to take her.

The man gripped her hair in his hand and forced her head down, bending her into a kneeling position. His lubricated member pressed against her ass, opening her slowly to him. Lady Valery moaned brokenly, not caring who saw her being violated by her new master. His cock slid slowly into her, drawing out gasps and cries at the intrusion. It hurt, stretching her in ways she’d never been stretched, but as he took her the pain melted into a rising lust, helped along by his hand sliding down the front of her body to tease her clit into twinges of pleasure.

Valery cried again as he penetrated her fully, bending her over in the sand with his cock thrust deep into her ass. The crowd was still quiet, enjoying the sight of the pretty noblewoman being humbled and ravished. Somehow the knowledge of that sparked an even greater lust in her, and she slowly began to press back more, hungry for the prick inside her. He pulled out and thrust back into her, faster and harder as she grew accustomed to it. He took her roughly, forcefully buttfucking her under the eyes of the entire arena, and she loved it, flying into orgasm under the skillful manipulations of his hands and cock. Feeling her ass spasming around him, he let go, spraying her insides with his semen.

He picked her up off the floor of the arena, carrying her limp body over to the chamber she’d waited in. Gently, he fastened a collar of cunningly worked silver around her neck. “You are mine, slave,” he told her harshly. “Obey me and live.” With that, he lead her with eyes cast down through the arena’s rooms and halls and out into the street. Valery flushed crimson at the memory of her humiliation, of how she succumbed to it, and at the shock of being led nude through the streets, but this was her life now…and despite the humiliation, something told her that life with her new master would be worth it all.

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